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It is an amazing and essential pack for all Goonies lovers. Includes all cult objects that appear in the film (doubloon, map, copper bones) as well as a replica of Sloth, figure or keychain format that you can choose when ordering.


The Goonies total pack includes :



One of the most desirable and considered cult collectibles from our Goonies. This is the Spanish doubloon founded with the treasure map .Is the starting point of a great adventure of our beloved Goonies.

According to legend, the one-eyed Willy had their own currency cast for use among his men, so coined these doubloons and accumulated a lot on his precious treasure.

One of their coins was perforated with holes oddly shaped, with purpose of indicating a clue to help lead his horde to the treasure.

Technical data sheet :

  • Done at 1:1 on the original film.
  • Materials: plastic resin, acrylic paints and varnish.
  • Dimensions : 2,3 x 2,3 x 0,13 inches (height/witdh/deep)


Another essential part of worship in any collector of "The Goonies". The Copperbones.

It is unknown how Chester Copperpot obtained Copper bones. It has been widely speculated that even if Copperpot done in the past the first trap, without a map in his possession would have met their demise through the Copper bones.

This replica is made ​​of 1:1 scale figure in the film by Richard Donner.


Technical data sheet :

  • Done at 1:1 scale on the original film.
  • Materials : High quality and hardness polyresin.Acrylic paints and varnish to protect against scratches.
  • Dimensions : 5,5 x 2,1 x 0,4 in (height/width/deep)
  • Painted with a copper colored metal with blue details to create a deterioration effect.
  • At the bottom is surrounded by a leather cord as in the film.
  • Includes a placement base.


Great fun and playing Sloth, the legendary Fratelli family member, that despite his deformity, his great height and has a big heart.

His good relationship with Gordi is based on chocolate!

This is an exact replica of the only one figure merchandising product figure film's release year.

Portrayed in the film by Richard Donner by John Matuszak, with 2 meters high and more than 264 pounds of weight, was the man for that after five hours of makeup to be transformed into the lovable Sloth.


Technical data sheet:


  • Plastic resin reproduction for high quality and durability.
  • Totally handcrafted and hand painted.
  • Acrylic paints and lacquers.
  • Dimensions : 3,5 x 2,7 x 1,2 in (height/width/deep)
  • Weight : 0,05 pounds


They go 2 version on sale to choose from :


  • Original format : figure


  • Key ring: Same features as the figure, including a key chain.


This map reproduction shown in Richard Donner's film contains all the details, notes and tracks to lead Goonies to the pirate treasure.

The finish of this piece of worship has been achieved thanks to the high quality handmade paper, a very elaborate process of aging and a faithful reproduction of all text, kinks, burns and stains containing the film's original map.

At the back of the map includes musical notes, essential clue to find the precious One-Eyed  Willy's treasure.

Technical data :

- Camson high quality paper printing , 180 g/cm2

- Dimensions : 15,3 x 10,1 in (width/height) film version

- Aged, burns, and stains as text on the film map.


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